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Summary 2021 (ENGLISH)

Dear colleagues,

let us summarize the most important things that happened in Czech Healthy Cities in 2021. Thanks for your good cooperation and inspiration and we look forward to seeing you at some of the events or activities planned for 2022.
Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year!

Petr Svec
Director, National HCP Coordinator

Information and updates


Let´s hope that the year of 2022 will be much more open to offline meetings, working together and sharing experiences.

The MOST POPULAR Good Practice in 2021 has a winner! 25 projects from 15 Czech Healthy Cities competed

With the end of December also ended the fourth year of the competition “MOST POPULAR Good Practice”. 25 projects from 15 Czech Healthy Cities competed.

The winner is the Healthy City of Ostrava with its project: Craft incubator "Fajna dilna". The 2nd place belongs to the city of Valasske Mezirici and its environmental project and green spaces and the 3rd to the city of Hlucin with a volunteering activity for prematurely born children. The dynamic chart below shows a big duel on Facebook that lasted till the finals.

The winners will be announced and awarded in the spring of 2022 on the occasion of the first "live" Czech Healthy Cities event. Looking forward to it! :)

The voting dynamic chart and video HERE

Reference Healthy Cities and their politicians as Ambassadors

As part of the online Czech Healthy Cities series with the subtitle " WHAT WE ARE GOOD AT" 3 new reference Healthy Cities and their Ambassadors were presented in 2021 with their examples of excellent practice.
The cities below joined VALASSKE MEZIRICI with its topic of ELDERLY and SOCIAL SERVICES (more about the city and the topic HERE):

  • City of JIHLAVA and the topic of CULTURE
    Ambassador: Karolina Koubova, Mayor // More about the city and the topic HERE, webinar recording here
  • City of ROZNOV p. RADHOSTEM and the topic of STRATEGIC PLANNING
    // More about the city and the topic HERE, webinar recording here
    Ambassador: Ladislav Chlupac, Mayor // More about the city and the topic HERE, webinar recording here

What events did we prepare in 2021?

Czech Healthy Cities EVENTS in 2021: Were you with us? Look back and join us next time!

The covid restrictions in 2021 had a major impact on the organization of traditional HCCZ events. A large part of the originally planned "live" meetings took place in an online environment. What could be seen?

3 Czech Healthy Cities Schools (accredited training courses for coordinators and politicians) 

5 national events on selected topics of development of cities and municipalities

5 events from the series "TALKS WITH POLITICIANS" (online recordings)

7 events from the series "CITIES TO CITIES" (online recordings) 

5 trainings for authorities on the topic "sustainable development and strategic planning": cities of Steti, Breclav, Trebon, Kraliky, Cervena Voda

8x eConsultation for coordinators and politicians

WE KNOW THE WAY! Strategies, data, projects for cities…

In 2021 in Czech Healthy Cities we made great progress in the area of strategic work and related support for our members. Strategies, action plans and their updates, data from the Czech Statistical Office, Institute for Health Statistics and other national institutions delivered directly to city portals on the HCCZ web. Indicators and benchmarking, online project repositories for local authorities but also project galleries for public, projected into a map and much more. We have also done a lot in the field of work with analyses, but in particular we continuously provide tailor-made methodological support including online tools and a personalized terminal for our member cities.

Each of our members has a well-arranged web portal with up-to-date information: contacts, examples of good practice, strategies and concepts, videos and much more. We run special Facebook groups with a number of videos and methodological sheets and recommendations on topics of strategic work and practice from cities.

In our strategic database we share …

  • 1780+ strategies, thematically and locally sorted, splited into goals, indicators etc
  • 80 community plans
  • 50 methodological sheets and recommendations
  • 1990 projects from 20 cities
  • 3 instructional videos for target group analysis, risk analysis or SWOT analysis.

And much more...

Participation, forums, emotional maps - online and live

Another year that wasn´t too favourable for live participatory activities is behind us. Despite this, Czech Healthy Cities have not given up on involving citizens, and a number of often very innovative activities have taken place. One of these innovations in the field of participation was the Prague-wide emotional map, which the Healthy City of Prague implemented with the support of the HCCZ and Palacky University in Olomouc. The output was over 6,000 involved citizens and almost 100,000 topics and proposals displayed in the map, which the capital, the city and individual districts will use to improve the lives of its inhabitants. Due to its scope, this project was also unique in comparison with other European capitals.

Under the influence of the pandemic, other cities have also chosen new ways of involving the public. Among many, we can mention for example the first online public forum of the Vysocina Region, Jihlava's online cafés for the preparation of the city strategy or a set of e-surveys on the Ten Development Priorities in Litomerice and many others.

In summer and autumn, live meetings were held - public forum or thematic round table took place in 22 cities. Young / School Forum took place in 5 schools

Cooperation with the Palacky University continued on 11 emotional maps, mainly in online format. In cooperation with our partner Mobilní rozhlas Czech Healthy Cities implemented a number of e-surveys and participatory budgets. These are proven participatory activities that are gaining more and more popularity.

The HCCZ not only provides its members with financial support, facilitation and methodological assistance, but also helps with the overall evaluation of participation and proposing how to improve this area in a specific field.


...with politicians from the Czech Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, and many Czech Cities and Counties. ... See more on

The Czech National Network of Healthy Cities has been accredited by WHO

This year, we managed to re-accredit the Czech National Network of Healthy Cities as an active member of the Healthy City Program of the World Health Organization (WHO). We are thus one of 10 that have succeeded in this regard and within the half of those who have expressed interest in accreditation.

At the same time, the Healthy City of Brno succeeded in the reaccreditation, which thus became one of the 33 "WHO Designed Healthy Cities", and another 50 cities are still seeking this accreditation. Brno is the only city representing the Czech Republic in the world network of Healthy Cities.

The National Network of Healthy Cities has 134 members

The Cities of Bilina and Vrchlabi, the Local Action Group Central Elbe and the town of Kysice have become new members of the HCCZ Association. The towns of Morice and the LAG Zeleznohorsky region have also already signed up for the year of 2022.

The association thus has 134 members since January 2022, with regional influence on 2556 municipalities with 6,089 million inhabitants (57% of the Czech population).

We warmly welcome all new members and we believe that the exchange of experiences will be mutual, that new and existing members will continue to be interested in active cooperation and sharing of experience. The HCCZ platform offers opportunities for personal meetings, internet tools, joint consultations and finding resources for members' projects. We look forward to new specific activities, good practice and inspiration.

An overview of all HCCZ members can be found HERE.

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