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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

Summary 2017 (EN)

Dear Colleagues,

Let me inform you through our Summary Newsletter of the selected activities and events that took place in 2017.

At the same time we would like take this opportunity to thank all Healthy Cities and Regions and our partners for good cooperation in the past year. We hope that also in 2018 we will jointly devote our energy to activities related with sustainable development, health and quality of life promotion in our Cities and Regions.

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Petr Svec
Czech Healthy Cities Director
WHO HCP National Coordinator

Information and updates

And what are a Healthy City and the National Network of Healthy Cities?

You can go through our Basic Information containing an overview of the fundamental information concerning the association, its members and activities.


Network services for Czech Healthy Cities and Regions in 2017 in figures

In 2017, as in the previous years, Healthy Cities provided its members with a wide range of services.


Czech Healthy Cities welcomed three new members last year

In 2017 the towns of Bystrice and Cervena Voda and the municipal district Prague 15 became members of Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions.


Participation, Healthy Cities Fora, Emotional maps…

Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions hold regular meetings for their citizens to discuss the most burning issues concerning the place they live.


Quality, Strategy, Management and Evaluation – We have a lot to offer

We have created and have been providing a number of practical tools and proven methodological procedures intended for municipalities and regions.


How do we communicate on-line?

We have published 5 on-line Newsletters on our website reporting on the latest developments in a given month, including its translation into English.


HEALTHY CITIES EVENTS IN 2017: Have you been there with us? Come and join us (also) next time!

3x three-day Healthy Cities Schools
4x educational and discussion events
12x accredited training courses... and more


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