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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

III-IV/2019 (EN)

Information and updates

The “Collaboration between Cities and Architects" workshop - views from practice and possibility of grants | May 2019

With the participation of more than a hundred interested parties from all over the Czech Republic, the nationwide Healthy Cities workshop, which took place on 13 May in Prague, drew attention to two highly topical issues that have a profound impact on the future appearance of the places in which we live.


Webinar: Online Project Inventory – projects according to priorities and impacts | May 2019

The online project inventory, provided by Czech Healthy Cities, enables to centralize projects in the pipeline of the whole local authority in one place and make them available online for authorised staff members or committees or visualise them for the public.


A new series of seminars on HEALTH in cities has been launched – this time about children´s obesity | Jihlava, April 2019

Municipalities and regions can play a crucial role in prevention of children's obesity. On 16 April 2019, Jihlava hosted an introductory event to a new series of seminars on health promotion in cities and towns.


The Czech Healthy Cities Spring School provided information on subsidies and good practice | Liberec 20 -22 March

Three days full of information, over 180 participants and also a novelty: a discussion meeting for politicians that was The Czech Healthy Cities Spring SCHOOL hosted by the Liberec Region.


Healthy Cities webinar: How to save on energy services | April 2019

Do you wonder how to save on energy services in a city or a town? If you find this issue intriguing, you may want to view the recording of the Czech Healthy Cities webinar on the Healthy Cities Czech Republic YouTube channel.


Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions of the Czech Republic have elected new management for the two coming years.

The Healthy Cities General Assembly approved new management for the next two years at its meeting of 20 March 2019 in Liberec.


The Czech Healthy Cities Spring School announced the second edition of the "Healthy Cities BEST PRACTICE"

The Good Practice Database collects a range of innovative, remarkable and practical solutions to various issues focusing on enhancing the quality of life. Once a year the Czech Healthy Cities choose the best of them.


A webinar on social housing - rules, funds, practice

A special Healthy Cities webinar sequel focused on the topic of social housing answered questions about funding, latest developments and shared good practice examples from Czech municipalities.


The international conference "Energy in the hands of cities" about sharing experience and financial resources | Litoměřice, February 2019

The conference with underlying topic: Energy self-sufficiency of cities and own resources – a real possibility or an unrealistic idea? brought together over 150 specialists from the Czech Republic and abroad.


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