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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

I-II/2019 (EN)

Information and updates

ANNUAL REPORT 2018: Czech Healthy Cities (not only) in facts and figures

105 "in-house" consultations - 51 public Fora / 3843 participants - 32 “Youth” and “School” fora - 9 City trainings and other nationwide events / 705 participants - 3 accredited courses - 9 webinars... for CZECH HEALTHY CITIES


We know the winner of the BEST Practice Voting for 2018!

The Healthy Town of Krizanky won the voting contest for the BEST Practice of Healthy Municipalities and Regions in Czechia selected from seventeen documented best practice examples of 2018.


Cities were not the only ones to have „made it to the top” at the conference Sustainability and Health in Cities

On 24 January 2019 the main part of the nationwide conference called “MAKE IT TO THE TOP!" with the headline “SUSTAINABLY AND HEALTHILY IN CITIES” took place in the Ambassador Hotel in Prague.


The "Contracts between Cities and Developers: Possibilities and Risks" seminar took place

Czech Healthy Cities and Frank Bold Attorneys hosted together a discussion seminar on 25 January in Prague entitled “TERRITORIAL PLANNING: Contracts between Cities and Developers, Possibilities and Risks”.


Watch our webinars: Municipal public lighting / Czech subsidies for cities and towns for climate & energy

Two energy webinars took place on 9 January 2019 in partnership with Czech Healthy Cities and SEMMO (Association of Energy Managers of Towns and Cities) – the recordings of both webinars can be viewed any time.


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