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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

IV/2015 (EN)

Dear Representatives of Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions of the Czech Republic,
Dear Colleagues,

Let me inform you through our regular Newsletter with what happened in Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions during the past summer months and also with selected activities and events that will take place in the coming period. 

Petr Svec
HCCZ Director

Information and updates

European Mobility Week: This Year under the Slogan “CHOOSE. CHANGE. COMBINE.”

Healthy cities, municipalities and regions are at it again. This year, the “EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK” (16th – 22nd of September) campaign is on the theme of multimodality – with the slogan “Choose. Change. Combine.” European Mobility Week and the Do the Right Mix campaign are being combined to support sustainable urban mobility. The aim of the combination is to expand and complement the established format of the European Mobility Week with a year-round activity and create a unified online community aimed at promoting sustainable urban transportation in Europe. The merged campaigns will adopt the name and logo “Do the Right Mix” and the European Mobility Week will remain as an annual highlight of activities.


“Feeling Maps” – A New Service of the National Network of Healthy Cities

From September of this year, the HCCZ Association offers a new service free of charge to its members – the so-called “feeling map”. It will emerge in cooperation with the Palacký University in Olomouc (PUO) within the framework of the Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions public forum. “Feeling maps have enormous power to present spatial information in an understandable and widely accepted form. Feeling maps bring the possibility to actively involve citizens in the collection of information as well as opinions on the locality in which they live. The idea comes from the concept GeoParticipate – a term which describes the utilization of spatial instruments in the involvement of citizens in the decision-making process that concerns them. Most often it involves decision-making about a public space, but it can also involve sharing information or feelings about the neighborhood in which they live,” informs Mgr. Jiří Pánek (PUO) on the PocitoveMapy.cz website.


The European Healthy Cities Networks present themselves in a new WHO publication

In the summer months of 2015 a new publication of the World Health Organization (WHO) was published on the topic of national networks of Healthy cities in the European region – National Healthy Cities Networks in the WHO European Region, promoting health and well-being throughout Europe.


Inspirations from Abroad: Sustainable Development Is a Sign of Quality of Cities in Switzerland

On July 5 to July 7, 2015, representatives of the HCCZ office took part in a study trip to Lausanne, Switzerland, where they exchanged experiences from the implementation of sustainable development of cities and regions in practice with their long-term professional partners from the Equiterre Association. Thanks to support from the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Program, the cooperation that began several years ago is continuing.


HCCZ Makes Presentation at the “Northern” European Healthy Cities Conference 2015

The 26th conference of representatives of WHO Healthy Cities from the entire European region was held at the end of June 2015 in the most northern European Healthy City, Finnish Kuopio. The central theme this year was the systemic inclusion of the subject of health in all prepared and implemented policies (Health in all Policies – HiaP). Dr. Agis Tsouros, longtime director of the international WHO Healthy Cities Program, said in his introductory speech: “Health is the fundamental condition, indicator and output of a sustainable development of cities.” He further spoke about global challenges in the area of health and its support on the local level.


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