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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

III/2015 (EN)

Dear Representatives of Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions of the Czech Republic,
Dear Colleagues,

Let me inform you through our regular Newsletter of the events and topical issues of Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions in April and May, and of selected activities that will take place in the near future.

Petr Svec
HCCZ Director

Information and updates

Quality Methods and Strategic Management at the Thematic Healthy Cities Section on May 21

The Thematic Healthy Cities Section devoted to strategic management and quality methods in public administration was held in Prague on May 21, 2015. The main issue addressed at the event, which was attended by almost a hundred participants, was strategic planning and management from the perspective of national institutions, including specific municipalities´ experiences and examples of their practices.


A New Publication: Sustainable Financial Management of Municipalities and Regions

The Healthy Cities Network of the Czech Republic published a new publication dealing with a topical issue – sustainable financial management of municipalities and regions. It was written by Milan Jan Pucek, MSc, MBA, PhD., theoretician and practitioner well versed in various fields of public administration.


Healthy Cities Joined the International Campaign World No Tobacco Day

The World No Tobacco Day is celebrated annually on May 31. The prime focus of the international campaign supported by World Health Organization (WHO) is on the prevention of diseases associated with tobacco use. Members of Czech Healthy Cities (HCCZ) are also taking part in the campaign. This year´s worldwide edition is geared mainly towards illicit trade of tobacco products.


Inspiration for Newly-Elected Municipal Representatives - Open Healthy Cities Workshop at Prague City Hall

The General Assembly of Healthy Cities held on April 28, 2015, was preceded by an open discussion forum aimed primarily for newly elected representatives of municipalities and cities. The meeting was called “A Healthy City – Way to Success” and its goal was to share particular sources of inspiration and good practices. Politicians from towns and municipalities of the whole of the Czech Republic shared their experience and approaches of how to start and further develop the international project “A Healthy City”. They also explained what proved successful in their practice, what can be recommended and what is to be avoided.


Coming soon

The Regular Conference of European Healthy Cities Will Take Place in Kuopio (Finland) in June

The overarching theme of the conference held in Kuopio (Finland) from 24th to 26th June is “Political Choices for Healthy Cities” which is connected to the ongoing Phase VI of the Healthy City Project. The relevant thematic blocks of the conference will be devoted to health promotion reaching out to related areas such as equity, resilience and life-course with a special focus on health of women and the elderly, healthy urban planning and urban innovation and technology promoting physical activity and active living in general. The conference is intended for representatives of Healthy Cities and their networks.


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