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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

Summary 2013 (EN)

Dear Colleagues,

please let me familiarise you through this summary Newsletter
with selected activities and events of Czech Healthy Cities that took place in 2013.

At the same time we would like to thank all our network members as well as all national
and foreign partners for their good cooperation not only in the last year,
but also throughout the whole period of the twenty years of our Association's activity
in the Czech Republic. We hope to continue in our shared dedication to activities
related with sustainable development and support of healthy lifestyle
in the CZ municipalities.

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I believe that this new HCCZ Newsletter will be for you an interesting and useful
source of information and inspiration from our network.

Petr Svec
National Healthy City Project Coordinator and HCCZ Director

Information and updates

The network of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic increased again this year with 115 members overall

In 2013, the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic that unite municipalities of all sizes, sub-regions, regions as well as local action groups, extended to the current 115 members. The upcoming twentieth year of Association's activity in the Czech Republic brought entry of important strategic or active members and confirmed the trend of growth in the Czech Republic.


Czech Healthy Cities scored in competitions on the national and international levels


What are the possibilities after finishing my studies? How to find a job? Young people discuss with experts and Healthy Cities representatives


Healthy City Public Forum – engaging people for discussing their problems and solutions

Healthy City Public Forum is a meeting attended not only by the local inhabitants and local administration representatives, but also by the representatives of local non-profit organisations, schools and other external experts. The forum offers inspiration to interested parties from municipalities. The participants of Healthy City Public Forum define the main problems in a given municipality and vote to determine top ten problems that are consequently verified in a poll, involving a wider circle of citizens. The participants of the event also find out more about how their problems raised at the meeting held on the previous year had been dealt with. In 2013, more than 35 such forums took place in the Czech municipalities, with participation of more than 2800 people.


You can share topics of Healthy Cities and their best practice through many information channels


Do Czech cities plan and manage their development well? Healthy Cities Network helps to do so!

In the last months ended a two-year project of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic Association titled "Quality and Efficient Strategic Management in Municipalities". Owing to support from the European Social Fund and Operational Programme of Human Resources and Employment, hundreds of representatives of municipal, town or regional offices across Czech Republic could be trained. Both small municipalities and large cities received targeted consultations and advisory services focused on how to plan and manage their development well. Several IT tools available online have been prepared to facilitate the cities' work with their strategies or budgets.


Pour féliciter 2014

The team of Czech Healthy Cities Network wish you a successful year 2014. We would also like to thank you for your support and cooperation.


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