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Summary 2013 (EN)
  Dear Colleagues,

please let me familiarise you through this summary Newsletter
with selected activities and events of Czech Healthy Cities that took place in 2013.

At the same time we would like to thank all our network members as well as all national
and foreign partners for their good cooperation not only in the last year,
but also throughout the whole period of the twenty years of our Association's activity
in the Czech Republic. We hope to continue in our shared dedication to activities
related with sustainable development and support of healthy lifestyle
in the CZ municipalities.

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I believe that this new HCCZ Newsletter will be for you an interesting and useful
source of information and inspiration from our network.

Petr Svec
National Healthy City Project Coordinator and HCCZ Director

  Information and updates from Czech Healthy Cities and Regions

The network of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic increased again this year with 115 members overall

In 2013, the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic that unite municipalities of all sizes, sub-regions, regions as well as local action groups, extended to the current 115 members. The upcoming twentieth year of Association's activity in the Czech Republic brought entry of important strategic or active members and confirmed the trend of growth in the Czech Republic. The following new members extended the ranks of HCCZ in 2013: Capital City of Prague, Moravian-Silesian Region, statutory town Liberec, towns of Znojmo and Slapanice, city district Prague 20, Veznice town and four local action groups: Blansky les - Netolicko, Opavsko, Rozkvet zahrady jiznich Cech and Vodnanska ryba. We welcome all new members cordially in the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic and wish them many successes in all activities related to association membership.

The best places in the Czech Republic have been appreciated for their approach to public engagement and quality of local development

What places in the Czech Republic are "most sustainable"? On December 3, 2013 in the baroque refectory of Dominican monastery of St. Giles Prague's Old Town, four towns, one small municipality and one sub-region received awards for fulfilment of the demanding sustainability criteria in this year. The town of Chrudim is also the first in the Czech Republic to fulfil the most demanding requirements of category "A" in the internationally used quality method "local Agenda 21". The applicants – current active members of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic – defended their progress during demanding checks that took place directly on-site, in the above-stated towns, municipality and sub-region. This year, the town Chrudim underwent a unique in-depth analysis of 10 individual sustainable development areas within the fulfilment of local Agenda 21 criteria, e.g. in the area of public administration, environmental protection, local planning, transportation, social issues, health support but also in the area of approach to global problems. Expert jury that included members of a number of universities, ministries and other experts from specialised institutions, evaluated the hard data for instance about the quality of air, amount of sorted waste or existence of local planning documentation. The social services and their quality, the way culture is being developed in Chrudim have been also taken into consideration. The Healthy City of Chrudim fulfilled all necessary criteria of LA21 category „A“ and thus became the first location in the Czech Republic to achieve a success of this kind. A greater part of criteria have been fulfilled by Chrudim without any conditions, some of them for further improvement or sustaining of the current conditions have been determined in some areas. The conditions for instance relate to sustaining of the decreasing unemployment rate trend, processing of transportation master plan in connection with town bypass, introduction of systematic energy management in town buildings and facilities or further monitoring of air in the town.

Even all other representatives of awarded locations Koprivnice, Vsetin, Litomerice, Drahanska vrchovina and Krizanky thanked in their speeches to office colleagues and citizens and accentuated the benefits of collaboration with members of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic. So called on-site checks took place before the awards as such. The programme, press release and photographs from the event are available HERE. (just in Czech)


Healthy Cities Network prepares a number of events for 2014, both for their members and others

In the course of the past year, HCCZ members and other interested parties had opportunity to meet at regular and one-time events that concentrated on a wide range of topics from strategic planning and management to volunteering and active ageing. Regular three-day HCCZ Schools that form a part of accredited educational programme "Local Agenda 21 and WHO Healthy City Project" always also included initial seminars open to all those interested from municipalities and their expert partners. The seminars focused on the issue of strategic planning and management, volunteering, but also included contributions to issues such as community housing for all generations, support of cycling transport, social inclusion or sustainability from the point of view of entrepreneurs. HCCZ School participants also dealt with training of practical skills, such as communication with the public, negotiating in the role of Healthy City Coordinator, communication with media and PR, rhetorical skills and speaking in public, creation and management of projects or holding open-air discussions with public etc.

HCCZ also organised seminars prepared for both members and non-members in cooperation with expert partners. In May there was held a Thematic Seminar titled "Public service and volunteering in municipality", the same topic was dealt with at the conference organised in October in Sobeslav within collaboration between HCCZ and National Volunteering Centre HESTIA. Within the 20th Anniversary HCCZ Conference, that took place in September in Olomouc, there was also a seminar on the subject of "Support of physical activity in municipalities? We know why and how to do it!" that was prepared by Palacky University in Olomouc in cooperation with HCCZ and WHO Office in Prague. In October, Brno hosted a workshop titled "Community housing (Not only) for elderly", organised by HCCZ in cooperation with Quality Housing Centre and Heinrich-Bφll-Stiftung foundation.

At the beginning of 2013 there were two thematic meetings intended for sharing of experience among HCCZ members. Meetings of representatives of Healthy Regions was hosted by Pilsen in February, in March there was a meeting of Prague's Healthy City Districts.

HCCZ also prepare a number of inspiring events for 2014 that we can look forward to. In addition to traditional HCCZ Schools, there will be expert seminars dedicated to the subjects related with activities of young people, with the issue of improving the quality of life in housing estates and others. Find out more information in the time schedule of national events for 2014.


Czech Healthy Cities scored in competitions on the national and international levels

In 2013, HCCZ members also won a number of awards for successes in various areas of development. The Healthy City of Jihlava successfully represented in the finals of the LivCom Awards (The International Awards for Liveable Communities) which concentrates on best practice in the area of improving quality of life for inhabitants of the cities of all sizes. The finals took place at the turn of November and December in Xiamen, China. The Healthy City of Jihlava won the Silver Prize in the main competition with the category of cities with 20 to 75 thousand inhabitants and Bronze Prize for fulfilment of sustainable development criteria with the project of Housing Estate Revitalisation in Jihlava Area – Kralovsky vrsek.

In this year of competition Routes in Cities, focused on traffic calming, the towns of Telc and Mseno also succeeded. In this competition organised by Partnership Foundation, Telc won the first prize in the category of local solutions with its new transportation terminal project. The project of revitalising urban core in Mseno was awarded with Special Prize by the magazine Modern Municipality.

The Healthy City of Hodonin has reached the title of Fairtrade City in 2013 and thus joined other CZ cities that support and promote "fair trade" with producers of goods from the Third World countries. The holders of Fairtrade City title already include the Healthy Cities of Litomerice and Vsetin, other HCCZ members belong among the applicants preparing for this title.

The awards of successful local administrations formed a traditional part of the programme of National Conference on Quality in Public Administration. Within the awarding of Ministry of Interior Prizes for Quality and Innovation the implementation of Local Agenda 21 (LA21) method, i.e. practical application of sustainable development principles was acknowledged again. The Silver Prize (Organisation of good public services) for quality in public administration for the realisation of LA21 was awarded to the Healthy Cities of Chrudim, Koprivnice, Litomerice, Prostejov which also won the Gold Prize for the application of CAF methodology. Silver prize for other methods of quality in public administration was awarded to the Healthy City Chrudim (EMAS). The Bronze Prize (Organisation increasing the quality of public service) for application of LA21 was received by the representatives of the Healthy Cities Hlucin, Prachatice, Uherske Hradiste, Valasske Mezirici, Healthy City Districts of Prague Libus and Prague 21. Bronze prize for other methods of quality in public administration was received by the representatives of Healthy Cities of Jilemnice (EMAS), Strakonice (benchmarking/benchlearning) and Healthy South-Moravian Region (ISO/IEC 27001:2005). The prize for innovation in public administration in 2012 was awarded to the Healthy Cities of Prachatice (e-Utility report), Strakonice (Joint grant of the town of Strakonice and Community Foundation Blanicko – Otavske), Healthy South-Moravian Region (Anti-corruption policy of South-Moravian Region – activities of South-Moravian Region in the field of fight against corruption ) and Healthy Pilsen Region (Centralisation of ICT services providing for the established organisations within the self-governing territorial unit).

We would like to congratulate all the awarded parties and wish them as well as other cities, municipalities and regions successes in the following year.


What are the possibilities after finishing my studies? How to find a job? Young people discuss with experts and Healthy Cities representatives

The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic along with its members in 2013 focused on a very current issue, which is unemployment, specifically on unemployment of young people, fresh graduates of schools. Young people after finishing their studies form one of the most threatened groups in the labour market, as they have no practice and getting a job is very difficult for them. One of the problems is also their insufficient awareness of the possibilities offered to them after completion of studies and where they can look for a helping hand. This fact is exactly what Round Tables dedicated to the issue of young people's employment try to deal with. These events are organised under methodical and facilitation help from the part of HCCZ and Environmental Education and Ethics Centre Rychory in individual cities.

Round Tables are discussion and also information meetings of young people with experts from individual areas and city representatives. Young people discuss their possibilities after finishing studies as well as their negatives and positives. The experts – representatives of employment bureau, department of social affairs, trade department, schools that offer follow-up studies and retraining, volunteering and other non-profit organisations – were present to answer questions, add suggested options and also specify what can be offered to the unemployed. The aim of these events is also to find out more about young people's awareness of their options and how this awareness can be raised. The events also concentrate of unemployment prevention, trying to show young people how to proceed during their studies in order to evade unemployment. Round Table dedicated to the issue of unemployment this year took place in the Healthy Cities of Litomerice, Moravska Trebova and Koprivnice. More events of this type are being prepared for 2014.

Young people are most often interested in getting practice during studies in a form of stints, whether paid or purely voluntary assistances – practice in non-profit or other organisations. For instance in Koprivnice, the regular job fair, especially of those in technical fields, raises a lot of interest. On the other side, young people repeatedly mention lack of information about the offer of employment bureaus, what services these can offer, or what benefits are offered to employers who hire employees from the ranks of graduates or the unemployed.

The thematic round tables are followed by more general Youth Forums, where basic school and high school pupils discuss what the city should look like and what most thorny problems to be solved they perceive. These are consequently verified in a poll and are sent to the city authorities. 14 such Youth Forums took place in 2013.

Youth Forums and Round Tables form a part of HCCZ Project "Youth in Action? YES, in municipality!" realised under financial support by the European Union.


Healthy City Public Forum – engaging people for discussing their problems and solutions

Healthy City Public Forum is a meeting attended not only by the local inhabitants and local administration representatives, but also by the representatives of local non-profit organisations, schools and other external experts. The forum offers inspiration to interested parties from municipalities. The participants of Healthy City Public Forum define the main problems in a given municipality and vote to determine top ten problems that are consequently verified in a poll, involving a wider circle of citizens. The participants of the event also find out more about how their problems raised at the meeting held on the previous year had been dealt with. In 2013, more than 35 such forums took place in the Czech municipalities, with participation of more than 2800 people.

List of dates and locations is available on the website www.ZdravaMesta.cz/forum. The website also contains information about top ten problems raised at the previous meeting in a given location, related strategic documents, contact data as well as invitations to events. All information to Healthy City Public Forum is thus available in one location.


You can share topics of Healthy Cities and their best practice through many information channels

You can follow activites in Healthy Cities and their best practice through many information channels Information about individual Healthy Cities is available directly in the profiles, available either from the website www.ZdravaMesta.cz/clenove. In addition to basic overview of activities related with Healthy City operation, these profiles newly also contain e.g. webcam views directly on site.

The internet database at the address of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic www.DobraPraxe.cz (partly translated on good-practice.eu/en/) already contains 230 inspiring examples from various areas of development of cities, municipalities and regions. In the database you can find examples from the fields such as living environment, health, transportation, social services, free time, but also volunteer activities and others. The database also includes brief inspirations – short clear examples of what has proven successful in practice and what may inspire others. You will find them directly on home page or at www.DobraPraxe.cz/cz/stripky. These inspirations and also more detailed good practice examples are regularly distributed to all interested parties.

In addition to portal for strategic management of cities and municipalities titled DataPlan, Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic also operate a national Database of Strategies under the support and in cooperation with Ministry of Regional Development and other departments. The database connects strategic objectives, measures and other input parameters spanning from international level to documents of ministries and national institutions, to regional and local levels.

In the recent years, Healthy Cities have been also using short videos for their presentation, whether as attractive invitations to events or brief and well-arranged coverage of the municipal affairs. On the website www.ZdravaMesta.cz/video you can find a video-gallery with contributions that describe in audio and video what the notion of Healthy Municipality, City and Region stands for in practice.

The above mentioned video channel is an opportunity to further promote activities and inspire others. Considerable success is also achieved in the Czech Republic and abroad by the presentation of Healthy Cities on Facebook, which is already "liked" by more than 9,500 visitors. Join us too.


Do Czech cities plan and manage their development well? Healthy Cities Network helps to do so!

In the last months ended a two-year project of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic Association titled "Quality and Efficient Strategic Management in Municipalities". Owing to support from the European Social Fund and Operational Programme of Human Resources and Employment, hundreds of representatives of municipal, town or regional offices across Czech Republic could be trained. Both small municipalities and large cities received targeted consultations and advisory services focused on how to plan and manage their development well. Several IT tools available online have been prepared to facilitate the cities' work with their strategies or budgets.

A number of training and educational events was prepared within the project. Officers and politicians attended courses lasting for several days and learnt how to prepare and evaluate their strategic plan, how to communicate and plan with the public and publicize their activities. They also shared their inspirations as well as problems from practice at thematic sections, seminars and conferences. More than 500 participants thus participated in the two-year project. Project activities further focused in particular on specific targeted advisory services, coaching and individual assistance in the given municipalities and regions. Throughout the project, two regional advisors consulted the problems with representatives of cities, assisted facilitation of negotiating with the public, coached strategic teams and were of help to all enquiries related with sustainable development of a particular location. The consultation focused in particular on the method of quality local Agenda 21 (LA21). Also owing to the project we managed to increase the number of quality realisers of this method and also prepare conditions and procedures to achieve that the very first town – Chrudim – reached the highest level and received the highest category "A" of local Agenda 21. This advisory and coaching service was one of the most appreciated and was repeatedly used by more than one hundred municipalities and regions. Financial means gained from the project also enabled preparation of municipalities for a number of information tools, available publicly at the web portal of DataPlan.info, or internal tools for municipal officers and politicians with access under individual user name and password. These modules (online tools) will further serve municipalities for the preparation and evaluation of their strategic materials or budgets, municipalities will be able to benchmark their results owing to special indicator module and will be able to search effectively and evaluate relevant information classified by individual regions (so called regional info-portals). Description of the created modules as well as other outputs can be found on the project website www.ZdravaMesta.cz/strateg. Other project activities also included searching and collection of so called best practices – approved procedures of municipalities in the very area of strategic management. These and many other examples are available at www.dobrapraxe.cz/cz/tema/strategicke-rizeni. One of the highly appreciated project outputs was a publication on the subject of best practice and inspiration in the field of strategic planning and management in municipalities that serves as methodical guidance for implementation of these processes. The publication is freely available at: www.ZdravaMesta.cz/strategicke-rizeni-publikace.

The project of "Strategic Management in Communities - Quality and Effective" was received with great interest and brought a number of useful results and outputs. HCCZ will further follow-up with this project.


Pour fιliciter 2014

Find the best ways, practices and inspirations also in 2014.
The team of Czech Healthy Cities Network would like to thank you for your support and cooperation.
PF 2014


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