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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

V/2013 (EN)

Dear Colleagues,

please let me introduce you the new issue of the Czech Healthy Cities Newsletter
which brings you short news and highligts, this time covering mainly
the month of September 2013. You will find here interesting info from Czech Healthy
Cities and their association.

Please, also let me use this issue of Bulletin just like the recent Jubilee conference
to open the 20th anniversary of the activities of Healthy Cities, Municipalities
and Regions in the Czech Republic. Thank you for your support and collaboration.

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you can use the Google Translate toolbar, which can be found on the left side
of the HCCZ web page.)

I believe that this new HCCZ Newsletter will be for you an interesting and useful
source of information and inspiration from Czech Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions.

Petr Svec
HCCZ Director and National Healthy City Project Coordinator

Information and updates

New web portal for your inspiration: „Age-friendly cities“

The cities, municipalities and regions have many opportunities of how to create friendly environment for senior age population. Elimination of barriers, sufficient offer of health and social services, but for instance also that of leisure activities. All these elements help to enhance the life of seniors. The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic have been collecting in the long run the best practice examples, among others from the area of care for elderly. Now you can find the inspiration gained as well as range of other information, data and partners "under one roof" at the new Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic webportal Age-friendly Cities that was launched on the occasion of International Day of Older Persons on October 1, 2013. The thematic portal can serve as inspiration for age-friendly activities to municipal representatives and their offices, but also to all other organisations. Find out more at www.MestoSeniorum.cz


Czech Healthy Cities presenting on Open Days in Brussels

The representatives of Czech Healthy Cities Network were invited to take part in a panel discussion during the Open Days in Brussels - the 11th European week for European Regions and Cities. The conference named “Towards a European Model of a Sustainable City” was dedicated to the ongoing Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities (RFSC) – a toolkit for integrated approach in planning of the development of cities and regions.


20th Jubilee conference of the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic took place in Olomouc

20th Jubilee HCCZ Conference took place this year on September 18 and 19 in Olomouc. The two-day event was opened with a presentation of the most advanced cities, municipalities and regions who hold the category "B" of Local Agenda 21. The cities presented included Chrudim, Koprivnice, Litomerice, Prostejov, Vsetin, Krizanky municipality and a sub-region of Drahanska vrchovina. Information to the support of LA21 or in general to financial resources for municipalities has been introduced by the representatives of the State Environmental Fund or Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Regional Development and international organisation Energy Cities. The first day of the event was attended by 140 persons.


Healthy cities also present themselves at YouTube

In the recent years, Healthy Cities have been using short videos for their presentation, whether as attractive invitations to events or brief and well-arranged coverages of the municipal affairs. On the page of www.ZdravaMesta.cz/video you can find an overview of the most interesting material - selected videos of association describe in words and pictures the real-life meaning of notions such as Healthy municipality, city and region. The above mentioned video channel is an opportunity to further promote activities and inspire others. The considerable success is also achieved in the Czech Republic and abroad by the Facebook, presentation of Healthy Cities. The presentation is already "liked" by almost nine and a half thousands of visitors.


Healthy Cities have a new official partner for collaboration in the field of activities for elderly


Awards within the Routes in Cities have been also awarded during the European Mobility Week


The Good-Practice.eu Database contains new examples, among others from the field of volunteering


Coming soon

The traditional Health Days Campaign takes place in the first half of October


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