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IV/2013 (EN)
  Dear Colleagues,

please let me introduce you the new issue of the Czech Healthy Cities Newsletter
which brings you short news and highligts, this time covering mainly
the months of June 2013. You will find here interesting info from Czech Healthy
Cities and their association.

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I believe that this new HCCZ Newsletter will be for you an interesting and useful
source of information and inspiration from Czech Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions.
Wishing you a nice summer

Petr Svec
HCCZ Director and National Healthy City Project Coordinator

  Information and updates from Czech Healthy Cities and Regions

The capital City of Prague is the new member of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

With its entry to Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic, the capital City of Prague joined the European capitals that follow the international WHO Healthy City Project. Now, Prague is able to support the activities of many of its city districts that had already joined the Healthy City and local Agenda 21 programmes.

The interest in HCCZ membership also increases in other large cities and regions. The Moravian-Silesian Region and another county town, the statutory City of Liberec also recently joined the association. HCCZ currently have 112 members, including Prague, five regions and a number of large cities. Overall, the member cities, municipalities and regions represent more than one half of the Czech Republic (56 percent of population).


See the new video presenting the results of children's living style study

The newly published promotion video contains interesting information about the results of international HBSC research study (The Health Behaviour in School-aged Children) carried out in Czech Republic. The HBSC study deals with lifestyle of school-aged children. The study is based on the opinion of World Health Organisation (WHO) that the adult behaviour and lifestyle are a result of development in youth and during adolescence. The video is a result of collaboration between the representatives of Palacký University in Olomouc and WHO Office in the Czech Republic, the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic also participated in its creation.

The Czech Republic along with 24 other, mostly European countries, participated in the studies for the first time in 1995 and repeats the studies in 4-year intervals. 43 world countries participate currently in the study. The research set comprises of a stratified sample of 11, 13 and 15 year-old schoolchildren.

More information about the study is available on the websites of www.hbsc.upol.cz (in Czech) and www.hbsc.org.


The collaboration in the field of health support or in the social area has been confirmed by agreement. The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic have new official partners

The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic not only build on sharing of best practice of its members and other municipalities and regions, but also on active collaboration with a number of professional partners, whether ministries, their professional organisations, university workplaces, nationwide non-profit organisations and other expert organisations. The association concludes agreements or memoranda on mutual collaboration on the national and international levels with the most significant of these partners.

The latest confirmed collaboration so far was the long anticipated agreement with the Ministry of Health, which is one of key partners of the association and its members. The agreement mentions cooperation of both institutions in the field of health support on the local and regional levels, sharing of data and information to evaluate health condition of the inhabitants or sharing and spreading of information related with the issue of health support on the local, regional and national levels. "The collaboration with the Ministry of Health has been taking place before, despite this fact we are glad that the agreement has been concluded, thus confirming the importance of Healthy Cities and Regions, especially for the issue of health support on the local and regional levels. I believe that the collaboration will be thus further reinforced and will be beneficial both for our members while also being perceived as an opportunity of how to get feedback for the ministry and its organisations", added Petr Svec, HCCZ Director.

In June 2013, a memorandum on collaboration was also signed with Agency for Social Inclusion, which forms a part of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. "On behalf of the agency, we are able to bring regular good practice examples from the locations where this problem has been successfully alleviated with participation of representatives of cities, schools, non-profit organisations, police and the public to the one hundred Healthy Cities members who intend to deal with social exclusion of a part of inhabitants. On the other hand, the Healthy Cities can introduce examples of how to engage the public in the processes that lead to sustainable development, health and quality life in the cities and municipalities," as Martin Šimáček, director of Agency for Social Inclusion, describes the anticipations from the concluded partnership.

Despite the absence of financial engagement, these types of cooperation contracts commit both parties to coordinate activities and mutually collaborate in the given topic. Other HCCZ official partners can be found at this link www.ZdravaMesta.cz/partneri.


Employment of young people is one of the current topics in the Healthy Cities

Employment of young people and their application in the labour market are both hot issues, not only in the Healthy Cities. Do young people have sufficiency of information about the possibilities offered by the market after they finish their studies? To bring the answer to this question is the aim of round tables dedicated to the issue of employment of young people. The events are prepared by the individual cities in collaboration with HCCZ and the Centre of Environmental Education and Ethics Rychory - SEVER Litomerice. The aim of round tables is that the young people with experts from individual fields think about the possibilities offered after the completion of studies and formulate a summary of basic information to individual areas. The following areas have been targeted as the main opportunities for young unemployed people: use of advisory services provided by the job centres, further study, retraining, own business, voluntary activity.

The first round table dedicated to this issue took place in Litoměřice on 18. 6. 2013, dealing with pilot verification of the proposed methodology for the events organisation. The discussion has shown that young people do not have enough information about their possibilities. Especially the possibility to participate and gai experience as a volunteer, the project "Company Internships" and also the scope of advisory services including the offer of work abroad provided by the job centre aroused interest.

Other round tables on the subject of young people's employment are being prepared for Autumn 2013 in the towns of Moravska Trebova and Koprivnice. The Town of Chrudim also currently prepares a round table for young people dedicated to the issue of housing. The events form a part of HCCZ project titled "Youth in Action? YES, in the Municipality!" realised with financial support from the European Union. So called Youth Forums that complement similar events with "adults" have been taking place in other Healthy Cities in the course of the whole year. The events host young people's discussions and select 10 most burning problems that the people would like to address. You can find an overview of the past or planned youth forums here.
  Coming soon

20th Conference celebrating the anniversary of Czech Healthy Cities to take place in September 2013 in Olomouc

Are you interested in the following topics: local Agenda 21, sustainable development, health support, physical activities and examples of best practice by the cities, municipalities and regions? Don’t hesitate and register to the 20th Anniversary HCCZ Conference 2013, which is to take place on September 18 and 19 of this year in Olomouc. The two-day event will be opened by showcase of the most advanced cities, municipalities and regions who are holders of local Agenda 21, category “B”. The showcase will be followed by ceremony reception connected with celebration of the 20th HCCZ anniversary. The programme of the second day, realised in collaboration with Palacký University in Olomouc, will be dedicated to the support of physical activity issue on the national level and possibilities of application in the practice of cities and regions.

The conference is in particular intended for the representatives of municipalities, regions and their professional partners from the whole Czech Republic as well as for all those interested in quality development of the place they live in. More information about the conference including registration form is available (in Czech only) at the website of: www.ZdravaMesta.cz/konference20let.


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