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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

II/2013 (EN)

Dear Colleagues,

please let me introduce you the new issue of the Czech Healthy Cities Newsletter
which brings you short news and highligts, this time covering mainly
the months of March and April 2012. You will find here interesting info from Czech Healthy
Cities and their association.

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I believe that this new HCCZ Newsletter will be for you an interesting and useful
source of information and inspiration from Czech Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions.

Petr Svec
HCCZ Director and National Healthy City Project Coordinator

Information and updates

Spring School of Healthy Cities 2013 took place in Trebon, having great participation of municipal representatives

The Spring School of Healthy Cities took place in Trebon on March 20–22, 2013. It was attended by 80 participants – representatives of municipalities and regions, local action groups and professional organisations. This popular event with more than a 10-year tradition is in particular intended for politicians and coordinators of international Healthy City and Local Agenda 21 programmes and was opened by introductory seminar.


Local Action Groups (LAG) belong among new members of HCCZ

Local Action Groups (LAG) unite the representatives of citizens, non-profit organisations, private business sphere and public administration, collaborating in the development of the country. First local action groups joined the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic in the course of the first quarter of 2013: LAG Blansky les – Netolicko, LAG Opavsko, LAG Rozkvet zahrady jiznich Cech and LAG Vodnanska ryba. The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic also collaborate with National Network of Local Action Groups. The entry of particular LAG into HCCZ brings further possibilities of collaboration and sharing of best practice among municipalities and whole regions.


The annual meeting of national networks of Healthy Cities took place in Copenhagen and brought numerous inspirations


The General Meeting of HCCZ approved the Annual Report 2012 and voted the new Council

The Spring meeting of HCCZ General Meeting took place in Jihlava on April 24, 2013. Representatives of member municipalities and regions have been informed at the meeting about the progress of WHO Healthy City and Local Agenda 21 international programmes, about collaboration on the national and international level and about the services offered by the association to its members. The presentations by Petr Svec, HCCZ director, evaluated the affairs of 2012, consequently, the members approved the Association's Annual Report for 2012. The report describes the realised events, activities and projects, services for members or collaboration with partners. The General Meeting was also significant due to selection of association's leadership and its bodies - the Council and Revision Committee.


Coming soon

Conference of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network 2013 will take place in Izmir

The regular conference of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network, uniting more than 30 national networks with more than 1,400 Healthy Cities and Municipalities, will take place under the auspices of the European Office of World Health Organisation (WHO) in Izmir, Turkey, on June 20-22. The meeting, attended by the representatives of cities and professional organisations, will focus on the current discussions on the subject of Healthy City Project in its V. phase. The common uniting topic will be "Innovation and Shared Governance for Health and Well-Being". The programme of the event also includes the preparation of VI. phase of the Healthy City Project.


The young in action? This holds true in the Healthy Cities

The Healthy Cities and Regions collaborate in the long run with their young inhabitants, specifically in concrete campaigns or events, but also in the planning of what should be improved in a given municipality. So called Young Forums, attended by pupils and students of basic and high schools, have become a standard complement of similarly focused events for "adults" in the Healthy Cities. Similar events take place in other cities too, the young participate at "adult" public proceedings, having their own discussion table. Where the cities want to concentrate on specific solutions, the cities organise thematically focused round tables, for instance on the subject of Safe Route to School and others.


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